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About The Company

Hanger 51 Studios prides itself in the production of science fiction and thriller type movies that are realistic in nature when shot.  The plots are believable and the least amount of CG (computer generated) graphics are used to produce the desired effect.  The exception is  animated movies in which all items may consist of computer generated graphics.

Our style of film making may be considered to be much like that of Alfred Hitchcock or Rod Serling best known for "The Twilight Zone".  Other past productions that may be similar are "Tales From The Darkside" and "The Outer Limits".

Hanger 51 Studios also creates quality affordable custom websites that are practical and functional for your company.  We do not use template driven websites such as Wordpress, Joomla or others unless it is the desire of the contracting company.

Professional photography and videography services are available for almost all event types as well as complete video editing services to meet your needs.

We also produce quality graphic contents as well as offer royalty free content that we have created for sale within out website.

Hanger 51 Studios is a spinoff from the parent company Vortexual Dreams Production and many if not all the films are written by the owner Leith Taylor.  It is his vision that films should be realistic and believable when being watched as too many blockbuster productions are more interested in the explosions and other CG effects than the actual storylines themselves.

So kick back and enjoy!



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