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Graphic Art Services

We can develop many graphic projects for use in business cards, invitations, letterhead or other graphic needs.  We can even get it professionally printed at reasonable costs.

Provided business or family photos can be incorporated into a video slideshow presentation that can be used for just about any need.

PowerPoint & Keynote Development

Whether you are an established business or just in need of a presentation for that next meeting, we can develop it for you.  Sometimes time becomes a factor in the development of a PowerPoint or Keynote presentation for a seminar and for that reason we offer affordable solutions to meet your needs.  We can also help you develop that spectacular presentation that needs to contain video, sound and precise animation schemes.  We take the guesswork out of it.  We also can package it onto a CD so you do not have to do anything but insert it into the drive and go.  You may need the PowerPoint viewer which we will also include on the disc.

Contact us about how we can help you prepare for that next event.  In many cases, we can get you going for as little as $25 for a ten to fifteen slide presentation.


Let us create your digital newsletter for your business or family event.  We can create a newsletter that will be download ready as a PDF or placed on a website so other can gain access to it.  Please contact us to see how we can help you with your next project.  In many cases, it is possible for us to develop a newsletter for as little as $25.








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