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Commercial Production

30 Second Commercials

Hanger 51 Studios will create a custom 30 second commercial to be viewed on a Cable Network.  Design and specifics of the commercials will be dependent on the individual needs of the company. Commercials vary from very simple to complex in nature depending on the desires of the company as well as the target audience it is being recorded and produced for. Unlike having a cable company commercial create the commercial for your business and maintain complete control of the production to be used only on their system, we give you a version that can be taken to any cable company to be used, even on your company website.

Infomercial Production

We can create an infomercial for a product you have either developed or are planning on promoting.  This can be any type of infomercial that you need and can last from thirty minutes to sixty minutes in length. Because there are so many possibilities related to the creation of the infomercial, such as, scripting, props, locations, number of video segments needed, and more the cost can not be represented by one standard pricing. Please contact us with your specific needs so we can help you develop your infomercial at the best pricing possible. We can also assist in getting your show aired on a variety of cable companies such as Cox Communications, Brighthouse Network, and even broadcast.

Radio Commercial Production

We will create a custom radio commercial to be aired over the radio.  Various formats will be provided; such as, MP3 and WAV files that will be placed on a Compact Disc for distribution.  Radio commercials will also include background music and voiceovers to suit the need of your specific company.  We can also arrange placement of the commercial within the local radio market. Normal commercial times range from 30 seconds to 1 minute depending on the amount of airtime purchased from the radio station. Sample Current or Previously Aired Radio Advertisements






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