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Life Script Services

Hanger 51 Studios provides a unique approach to creating memories for individuals looking for something a little different.  Here at Hanger 51 Studios we feel that it is important for you to be able to share your life accomplishments by leaving your legacy in the form of a video.  That is why we have created the Life Script Video solution package. The package includes the following: The professionally digital video recording of you discussing and describing yourself as well as you life story. Two DVD Videos and professional packaging. Optionally, the ability to stream your story from your own website. Packages Starting at only $149.00 Items you will need before the life scripting process begins, are a collection of photos either digital or able to be scanned into digital format, objects you would like to share, personal video footage, and any other items you feel would assist in completing your Life Script Video. Let us help you leave an everlasting memory of yourself for generations of family to remember you by. Why not  instead leave a live video recording rather than a lifeless still photograph,







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